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I posted a pic earlier of a bracelet I made. It was inspired by something I saw online. I actually made a few of these, plus a ring and a headband.


I apologize for my awkwardness. I am not a model.

A gold one and a brown one layered together.

AND here is a tutorial for how to make the bracelet!


  • Some chain
  • Jump rings (two rings per bracelet)
  • Tweezers
  • Pliers

The pliers are for opening the jump rings. I used them and the tweezers to handle the rings and the chains since they are so tiny.

I got my chains from Walmart for $3 each. And they came with jump rings so I didn’t have to buy any! Woot!

To make it:

1. Cut three lengths of chain– one to go around your wrist (top), one to go around your finger (bottom), and one to connect them (middle).

I should win an award for scrawniest wrists.

I actually cut three middle chains for this one. You can do one, two, or three chains, but I don’t think any more than that would fit on the jump rings.

2. Open the jump ring and string both ends of the wrist chain onto it (using the tweezers).


3. String one end of each of the middle chains onto the same jump ring and close it.

4. Do the same thing with the ring chain and the other ends of the middle chains.

That’s it! Put it on like a regular bracelet and ring, and make sure the chain in the middle goes on top of your hand.

The finished product:

I think this was my favorite one that I made. I also really liked the ring. They’re so unique and way prettier than plain bracelets. If you make one (or more) let me see!

Keep it classy



I just finished painting my nails. I wanted something fancier than one solid color but not crazy... and I wanted some subdued colors. So I did this half gold, half silver glitter thing and I'm really happy with the results! It took a lot of coats but I think it was worth it. What do you think? Keep it classy -Allie

People commonly overlook the consideration of skin tone. But once you figure it out, it makes some things a lot easier and other things a lot more complimentary for you. Determining your skin tone lets you know what kind of makeup, clothing, nail polish, hair color, and jewelry looks best on you. You can figure it out in a few seconds, and once you do, you will be better informed when shopping and dressing.

People are generally categorized into two types: Warm and cool toned. Warm tones are more yellow or gold. Cool tones are pinker. I’ve also noticed that cool tones tend to be lighter and warm tones darker, although this isn’t concrete. Keep in mind that if you really can’t determine which one you are, you’re probably neutral.

One way to determine your skin tone is by looking at the veins on the underside of your arm (you know, the really light part that doesn’t tan). If they’re greenish, you’re warm toned. If they’re bluish, you’re cool toned.

Another method requires a mirror and something white– a towel or a piece of paper. Hold it up next to or under your face. If you see yellow reflected you are warm toned. If you see blue you are cool toned.

One more method requires the use of a mirror and some foil– one sheet of gold and one of silver (don’t ask me where to find gold foil because I don’t know. Craft store maybe?) Just hold them next to your face. One will make you look good. One will make you look washed out and… not so good. If the gold suits you, you’re warm. If the silver fits, you’re cool. This last method kind of goes with the jewelry principle. Gold jewelry and earthy colors flatter warm tones better, while silver and jewel tones look bets on cool tones.

I’m warm toned, which means that I better start collecting some gold jewelry. I plan on doing a DIY soon and this will definitely come in handy… So stay tuned!

Keep it classy


Fashion is influenced by so many things. As a reflection of our society and the way we live, it is always changing. New ideas enter and exit faster than many people can keep up. Here is what I consider some of the best and worst things to have entered the realm of fashion.


Braids: An ancient art that has lasted through centuries of change, braids are versatile and timeless. You can do pretty much anything with them. They can be dressed up or down; casual or formal; simple or complicated. My current favorite style is milkmaid braids, which are easy to do and make any outfit look amazingly put together.

                Recycling trends: This happens all over—fashion, makeup, music, even art. I love wearing old trends (hence the hippie fascination). I especially love it when those trends become popular again *cough* 80’s neon *cough*. Of course, this can go wrong sometimes, but for the most part it’s awesome when a generation can give a nod to the past and make it look good. It makes up for some of the damaging things we’ve done to fashion.  And this comes in handy for the next item on the list…

                Fringe: Fringe is fabulous. It’s best when it’s long and dramatic, but it’s also wonderful short. Right now I’m seeking a brown suede vest that either has fringe on the bottom or is really long so that I can fringe it myself. (Note: Fringe can also mean bangs, which are great as well).

Ich will


Leggings as pants: This one should be automatic. It should be common knowledge. It should be taken for granted. I am very sorry to say that it’s not. Leggings and tights are not pants. They are often sheer and expose way more that what anyone wants to see. If you have to wear leggings, either wear shorts or a skirt over them or make sure your shirt (ideally a tunic) is long enough to cover your butt at ALL TIMES. I don’t think this can be stressed enough. Wear leggings as pants and all your class goes out the window. If you know someone who does this, you may need to stage an intervention.

                Bandeau tops: I want to like this trend. I really do. But I feel like they are going too far in the name of showing skin. But I’m not just ranting on the loss of modesty in society (although that’s true). I think bandeaus are the younger sister of tube tops. Our shirts are shrinking! What’s next, wearing nothing but a bra and some short shorts? There’s nothing wrong with wearing a bandeau under an opaque top or at the beach. But they’ve become popular undergarments for sheer or lace tops, and that is a short jump from wearing bras and see-through shirts. It’s just not classy. And you always want to stay classy. So although they can be cute if styled properly, I think bandeau tops are dangerous territory. (Note: Bandeau bathing suit tops are actually my favorite type of bathing suit. But I think they should remain that and stay away from regular clothes).

I figure I should stop here before I get carried away. What do you think are some good and bad things that have happened to fashion?

On an unrelated note, what should I write about next?

Have a fabulous day!

Keep it classy


Every day I am inspired by hippies. They are pretty much my default inspiration on days when I don't know what to wear. I've always been fascinated by their style-- since I was about 8, I'd say-- and while I don't condone all of their behavior I always appreciate their willingness to love and ability to see beauty in things. Anyway, this combination is my interpretation of hippie fashion at its finest. The headband is an old DIY (basically some embroidery thread braided together). The sunglasses have become a staple in my wardrobe since I bought them. I love pieces that make me shudder at first sight but are beautiful when I really look at them. The best accessories are interesting and have some kind-- any kind-- of meaning. I love that the glasses are reminiscent of John Lennon without being exact copies. I believe that you can tell an accessory is a good one when wearing it makes you feel good, not just look good. If that holds any truth, then these are the best accessories I've owned during my short existence. What items do you have that make you feel as good as you look? Sunglasses from H&M Icsh -Allie

Since today marks the official beginning of summer, I wanted to share a DIY I did a few weeks ago that I think has a really summery feel. I made this foot jewelry from a kit and it is super pretty. I really want an excuse to wear them somewhere. Maybe I’ll throw a barefoot party.

Wait, that’s creepy.

Plus feet gross me out.

Maybe I’ll just wear them to the beach.

Yeah, that sounds good :3

Happy summertime everyone!