These are a few of my favorite things (err, vloggers…)

I spend a lot of time on YouTube.

A lot.

And most of the time I’m watching style videos.

There are a bunch of channels I constantly go back to for any number of reasons– they’re professional, they’re adorable, they have great advice, their style matches exactly what I like (or what I want to be), etc. My top people are:

thefashioncitizen: Stephanie and Melissa (they’re twins btw) are experts in thrifting. I wish I could thrift like them. They also have great DIYs and, in case you were wondering, they’re both beautiful.

fashionrocksmysocks: I love British people. ‘Nuff said.

TheMrKate: More fabulous DIYs and she makes them look so easy!

But what actually inspired me to start a fashion blog was reading Stephanie’s (remember thefashioncitizen) blog at She’s fabulous.

Insert clever sign-off here



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