Finding your skin tone

People commonly overlook the consideration of skin tone. But once you figure it out, it makes some things a lot easier and other things a lot more complimentary for you. Determining your skin tone lets you know what kind of makeup, clothing, nail polish, hair color, and jewelry looks best on you. You can figure it out in a few seconds, and once you do, you will be better informed when shopping and dressing.

People are generally categorized into two types: Warm and cool toned. Warm tones are more yellow or gold. Cool tones are pinker. I’ve also noticed that cool tones tend to be lighter and warm tones darker, although this isn’t concrete. Keep in mind that if you really can’t determine which one you are, you’re probably neutral.

One way to determine your skin tone is by looking at the veins on the underside of your arm (you know, the really light part that doesn’t tan). If they’re greenish, you’re warm toned. If they’re bluish, you’re cool toned.

Another method requires a mirror and something white– a towel or a piece of paper. Hold it up next to or under your face. If you see yellow reflected you are warm toned. If you see blue you are cool toned.

One more method requires the use of a mirror and some foil– one sheet of gold and one of silver (don’t ask me where to find gold foil because I don’t know. Craft store maybe?) Just hold them next to your face. One will make you look good. One will make you look washed out and… not so good. If the gold suits you, you’re warm. If the silver fits, you’re cool. This last method kind of goes with the jewelry principle. Gold jewelry and earthy colors flatter warm tones better, while silver and jewel tones look bets on cool tones.

I’m warm toned, which means that I better start collecting some gold jewelry. I plan on doing a DIY soon and this will definitely come in handy… So stay tuned!

Keep it classy



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