DIY jewelry, continued

I posted a pic earlier of a bracelet I made. It was inspired by something I saw online. I actually made a few of these, plus a ring and a headband.


I apologize for my awkwardness. I am not a model.

A gold one and a brown one layered together.

AND here is a tutorial for how to make the bracelet!


  • Some chain
  • Jump rings (two rings per bracelet)
  • Tweezers
  • Pliers

The pliers are for opening the jump rings. I used them and the tweezers to handle the rings and the chains since they are so tiny.

I got my chains from Walmart for $3 each. And they came with jump rings so I didn’t have to buy any! Woot!

To make it:

1. Cut three lengths of chain– one to go around your wrist (top), one to go around your finger (bottom), and one to connect them (middle).

I should win an award for scrawniest wrists.

I actually cut three middle chains for this one. You can do one, two, or three chains, but I don’t think any more than that would fit on the jump rings.

2. Open the jump ring and string both ends of the wrist chain onto it (using the tweezers).


3. String one end of each of the middle chains onto the same jump ring and close it.

4. Do the same thing with the ring chain and the other ends of the middle chains.

That’s it! Put it on like a regular bracelet and ring, and make sure the chain in the middle goes on top of your hand.

The finished product:

I think this was my favorite one that I made. I also really liked the ring. They’re so unique and way prettier than plain bracelets. If you make one (or more) let me see!

Keep it classy



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