‘Murica the beautiful

As promised, here is my first Outfit of the Day.


I’ve had this outfit planned in my head pretty much since I bought these shorts, which was several months ago. The shorts are from Kohl’s. I’ve had the shirt since forever and I don’t even remember where it’s from.

Anyway, I thought the outfit was cute and festive but not over the top. It was right at the top. Yeahhh. I love the incorporation of stars and stripes in a non-tacky fashion.

On a side note, these shorts are one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. They’re the best denim shorts I’ve owned in a while because they’re just as easy to style as regular shorts but the stars make them a little quirky. Pieces like this were pretty much designed for me.

I was going to wear my DIY headband with this but kind of decided against it/forgot.

Hopefully my OOTDs will pick up in frequency once school starts… at least I’ll have a reason to style real outfits then.

Keep it classy



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