Style? You’re gonna talk to me about style?

Hello internets! Long time no post. I wasn’t planning on writing anything today. I was just about ready to crawl into bed when I saw this Rachel Zoe quote that Forever 21 posted on Google+ (and probably Facebook, I dunno):

Style is the best way to say who you are without having to open your mouth.

I love that! I’ve never followed Rachel Zoe’s work, but I think she perfectly captured the meaning of the word “style” and how it is different from fashion. Fashion is fickle; it is never fixed, and people often make a point to do what is “unfashionable.” But everyone (well, everyone who is not governed by apathy) strives to find style– more specifically, a style that suits his or her personality. Fashion is an arrangement of clothing. Style is a physical manifestation of personality.

I just wanted to share this quote because it inspired me a lot and it really made me think about how I decide to dress myself. I realized that a lot of my wardrobe is the way it is because of who I am… a lot of adjectives for the stuff in my closet could also be applied to my personality. That’s probably true for 90% of you reading this.

Anyway, I hope summer or winter is treating you well.

Keep it classy



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