Trends that need to come back #1

As many have noticed, fashion is a cycle. Trends disappear and reappear all the time, as is evident by this season’s neon (’80s) and boot-cut/flare jeans (’70s). But some things just seem to go away and never come back. Maybe that’s with good reason (*cough* parachute pants *cough*), but there are a few things that I think deserve to be relived.

The first trend in this series is hippie makeup. I know, I talk about hippies a lot. Possibly too much. But I can’t get over how much I love their style.  I love that they drew flowers and other designs on their faces. Regular makeup is nice and all, but it can get boring, especially if you’re like me and you don’t like to do super dramatic stuff.

I think I’m going to start adding little drawings around my eyes or upper cheeks. Maybe it’ll catch on, but probably not. But oh well! Style is a physical representation of your soul, right?

Look how beautiful she is!!!

What styles do you want to bring back? Let me know!

Keep it classy


  1. Rogue Honeybadger said:

    Love it! I hope people start dressing like this! :3

  2. I wish really gorgeous hats would come back into daily style. This was the impetus for my starting the Fashion Friday series on my blog, in fact, so that I could take my hat obsession into a more public forum than just the people who have to look at me every day.

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