Trends that need to come back #2

Today’s post comes to you from the fabulous ’40s and the era of the pin up girl, but I’m not encouraging you do run around half-dressed. Instead, I am calling for the return of pin up hair.

I wish people would put more effort into hair these days instead of that weird one-strand-twisted-back thing that does absolutely NOTHING besides make you look lazy. I’m not requesting that girls curl their hair every night and spend an hour strategically pinning sections in the morning. I’m just saying… a little effort now and again would be greatly appreciated (not just by me but by people all around).

Amy Heidemann from Karmin does a great job modernizing vintage hair with her staple suicide roll. But that’s just a start. We need to follow in her footsteps (while retaining our own identities, of course).

Isn’t Amy beautiful?

Conveniently, this leads directly to the next trend that needs to make a comeback. But you’ll have to wait a bit to see what it is!!

In the mean time…

Keep it classy



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