Trends that need to come back #4

Today’s trend comes to us from the 90s! I think another great fad that would–and should– make a stellar return is fake bright hair extensions. They would fit right in with other currently popular trends: unnaturally colored hair (pink, blue, purple, ya know) and hair extensions. What I think should come back is clip-in and tie-on neon (or pastel, or just bright, or any color) fake hair. It doesn’t even have to look real. I just love the look of color mixed in with natural hair. Clip-in synthetic hair is all the fun of dying your hair with none of the commitment. I can so vividly picture Hilary Duff in Cadet Kelly with a little pink elastic of fake hair tied around her pony tail, and I say why not? (no pun intended)

I’ve only seen one person rock these extensions the way I picture them and the way they should be worn (and you can check out her blog over at!) I personally have a green set from Hot Topic but they match my hair length so poorly I’ve always been too nervous to wear them. If I figure them out I’ll post a picture!

What do you think of bright extensions?


Keep it classy


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