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One of the biggest issues I have seen in the fashion industry lately is the question of photoshopping models in ads and campaigns. Recently people have been rebelling against the use of retouching and editing photos, claiming that it destroys the self-esteem of girls everywhere. In alignment with their “Body Peace Treaty,” and at the urging of a reader (in the form of an online petition), Seventeen took a “no-Photoshop pledge” in which they vowed not to airbrush models or change their body shapes. All this is supposed to support a positive body image in young girls who look up to such models.

But I say, let them be fake. Fashion is not a manual. Fashion is fantasy. It’s fictional. Fashion is made up. One of the most beautiful things about fashion is that it is unrestricted by reality. So why should models be restricted by those rules?

In today’s media, nothing is what it appears to be. Fashion magazines should not be an exception just because we’re scared of hurting girls’ feelings. If you want models to be “real,” then they should be standing in front of the camera with no makeup.

I say airbrush all you want. If that means glazing over one pimple, then great. If it means stretching out a girl’s limbs to twice their length, wonderful.

Fashion is about clothing. The model’s job is to make the clothing look good. If you’re worried about hurting girls’ body images, put a line on the photo saying that is was edited and that the model does not really look like that. After that, it’s up to the readers to create their own images of beauty.

It’s kind of amazing that people are so apathetic towards important things and so sensitive to things that shouldn’t matter at all.

I imagine this post won’t be met with much applause or enthusiasm. Oh well.

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It’s 12:31 AM, which means today is Monday, September 17th, which means that today marks the release of Mika’s newest album, The Origin of Love.

I have been waiting so long for this day.

And to celebrate (no pun intended), I decided to paint my nails! I’ve been meaning to do so for a while now, but I didn’t have the motivation to do actually do it. Well now I do have a reason and I have finally done it.


My nails were inspired by the album artwork (unfortunately I do not possess the skill required to paint his face on my tiny little finger canvases). I have decided not to use copyrighted pictures from now on, so Google it if you want to see what the actual cover looks like.

I will be anxiously awaiting my trip to Barnes and Noble for the next “few” hours. What will you be doing?


Keep it classy


I’m sharing another OOTD with you today. My plan is to do one at least every Friday.

Today I wore a t-shirt over a dress. This type of outfit is one of my favorite combos. It’s in dress code but it’s not as hot and uncomfortable as wearing a sweater or two shirts.


My shirt is actually from the boys’ department. I cropped the sleeves and the bottom to make it more… wearable.

“Life is a celebration”


I know my backdrop isn’t so exciting or attractive, but I’m kind of just starting out. So that is something I plan to work on.

Right now I’m anticipating the release of Mika’s new album, The Origin of Love: The song titled “Celebrate” inspired me to wear my “life is a celebration” pin today.

Anyway, I have some coloring to do, so…


Keep it classy


Last year, a friend of mine started a tradition that has grown dear to my heart. Every few Fridays, we celebrate Fedora Friday, during which most of our group of friends wears fedoras. It’s just fun and I love little rituals like that. so.


My shirt (the solid black one) was thrifted. I’m wearing a pearl necklace/collar over it that ended up looking like the shirt’s collar, which I thought was awesome.


I have been wanting to share these shoes with you for a LONG time. I think they are one of my favorite pairs of shoes ever. And they are one of the only pairs of real “shoes” that I have (ballet flats and heels don’t count as “shoes”).


Someone else might pair them with no-show socks, but those things creep me out. I like socks.

Enjoy the weekend.


-Keep it classy


I wanted to share part of my outfit today. The dress I wore is the same one from my “Pink outfit of the day” but I styled it a little differently (one of my favorite things about this dress is its versatility).

I finally got to rock the bow tie I’ve had since the beginning of summer! I believe it looked just about as awesome as it felt.

My hair is styled in a suicide roll a la Amy Heidemann from Karmin– although we all know that no one looks as good in it as she does.


What are you wearing today?


Keep it classy