Fedora Friday

Last year, a friend of mine started a tradition that has grown dear to my heart. Every few Fridays, we celebrate Fedora Friday, during which most of our group of friends wears fedoras. It’s just fun and I love little rituals like that. so.


My shirt (the solid black one) was thrifted. I’m wearing a pearl necklace/collar over it that ended up looking like the shirt’s collar, which I thought was awesome.


I have been wanting to share these shoes with you for a LONG time. I think they are one of my favorite pairs of shoes ever. And they are one of the only pairs of real “shoes” that I have (ballet flats and heels don’t count as “shoes”).


Someone else might pair them with no-show socks, but those things creep me out. I like socks.

Enjoy the weekend.


-Keep it classy



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