Get it? Fantastic + Jurassic! Anyway…

The ring and pinky finger are supposed to connect to make a dinosaur body/neck/head…

I have been meaning to post this since around Monday. I did my nails late (and I mean LATE) Sunday night.

It’s dinosaurs! (Thus the cheesy/horrible pun title). It took me about four hours (while watching a movie) to complete and I finally got to test out my nail art brushes! They worked fabulously and I can’t wait to use them again.

I have mixed emotions about these designs. The concepts were really cute in my head, but my lack of artistic ability restricted me from fully realizing the potential there.

I plan on keeping these until winter break and adding little Santa hats on the dinosaurs, but I dunno if they’ll hold up for a whole month.

What are you wearing on your nails today?

Keep it classy



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