I <3 u…


In case  you couldn’t tell from the name of my blog, I have a thing for unicorns. I’m not sure what it is about them. I love that they’re whimsical and magical. I think my affinity for unicorns arose when I noticed the unfulfilled cliche of little girls loving unicorns and I thought that I should be the one to manifest that stereotype.

The other day I noticed that unicorns have become a theme in my wardrobe. I wanted to share with you all the pieces I have that are inspired by these magical creatures.

1. T-shirt



Okay, so maybe this isn’t an actual unicorn. But it’s reminiscent of them, I love quirky t-shirts, and it’s so random! It’s one of my favorite shirts.

2. Metal ring

011 015

Another fabulously whimsical piece. I love the design and the fact that it looks like the unicorn is standing/walking on my fingers. Plus the metallic feel is strong and bold, which I love.

3. Earrings


My friend found these at Claire’s when we were shopping together and I could NOT pass them up. I like to wear them so that it looks like they are flying outward from my head. Yeahhh.

4. Necklace


This was actually a gift from a friend. I like that it’s a little more dressy and elegant. Unicorns don’t have to be childish. They actually have a very sophisticated reputation in history.

5. Hat

021 022 028

This is probably one of the most awesome pieces of clothing I own. The only bad thing is that the weather where I live is rarely cold enough for me to rock it without looking like a weirdo. I actually wore it for Halloween in 2011 along with white pants and a white shirt. I was a fabulous unicorn.

Not that there are any UNfabulous unicorns.


Keep it classy



  1. Rogue Honeybadger said:

    OMG I see what you did there… This is the best post everrrrrr :DDDD

      • Rogue Honeybadger said:

        Nice picture quality :3

      • Thank you 😀 Glad you approve ^-^

  2. Reymond said:

    Hello! Where did you get that unicorn tshirt? ;__; i want one really bad but its oit of stock everyhwhere! (i live in sweden)

    • Hi! I got it from Burton. Maybe they have a website you can order it from?

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