Sponsored post: Mesh Oxfords

I am very excited to bring to you all my very first sponsored post! I did a collaboration with the online store Yeswalker, sister site of Yesstyle. They sent me these fabulous mesh oxfords and I wanted to show you how I styled them.

Here they are straight out of the box


I tried them on without socks because the model online didn’t have any socks on…



I wore them with my favorite pink H&M dress and blue Old Navy cardigans (side note: I love cardigans). I might do a follow up with another outfit I had in mind to pair them with.


017 (2)


I was really happy when I opened the box. The shoes were exactly what I was expecting, and when I tried them on they fit true to size. Without socks, they poked me kind of uncomfortably, but with socks they were fine and after wearing them all day they were perfectly comfortable.

I knew these shoes would make me stand out, which they did. And I got a ton of compliments wearing them. Oxfords are cute, but these are even cuter because of the mesh. I especially love the extra height the platforms (which is awesome cork, by the way) give me.

I’m excited to wear them again. I expect I’ll be wearing them quite frequently.

What are you putting on your feet today?


Keep it classy


  1. This is soo cool. How did you get them to send you them? Did you contact them or?

    • Well I follow them on Facebook, and they asked people to send them their fashion blogs. So I emailed them and they wrote back that they wanted to do a collaboration! 😀

      • That’s amazing. I want to do that! haha 🙂

      • You should! 😀 They probably don’t have as many guy bloggers so yeah 😀

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