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Welcome to #2 on the list of stuff I wish was cool. Today I’m going to talk about socks! Who doesn’t like socks?

I think knee-highs are the underdog of the sock world. They are so cute, and they keep your legs warm. You can wear them with shorts or a skirt in cooler weather- bam, I just tripled your wardrobe by expanding your summer clothes into two more seasons (or three if where you live doesn’t get cold during the winter).

I really didn't feel like taking pictures this day...

I really didn’t feel like taking pictures this day…

I think big socks have kind of a stigma attached to them, like they are associated with being nerdy. But in my opinion, the higher your socks are, the better! I hate those little mesh socks that barely cover your toes. They are so uncomfortable to me.

Anyway, next time you’re out shopping for socks, I sincerely recommend investing in a nice pair of knee highs!


Keep it classy




So I went to Sally the other day in search of a curling wand and I ended up leaving with way more than I originally intended. But it’s not because I went crazy and bought everything in the store… It’s because they had an AWESOME sale going on!!!

Since I bought a Nano silver curling wand, I got a FREE Nano silver curling iron. I have no idea why they were giving away styling tools, but they had all kinds of sales– free straightening irons, free curling irons, etc.– and I got the curling iron, which would have been another thirty something bucks, for free.

But wait, there’s more!! Since I spent a certain amount of money (I think the minimum amount was $30) I got a free huge crocodile style bag that says it’s a $34.99 value. How awesome is that?? I bought one curling wand for $32 and got a free iron and tote bag that would’ve tripled my purchase.

I just wanted to share this awesome deal with you in case you were looking for styling tools or in case you like awesome sales or just because I wanted to show off my sweet find!!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading and hopefully look forward to some awesome posts coming up in the very near future….:)

Keep it classy

Hello reader!!

The other day I had the idea for an experiment. I wondered what would happen if, instead of dressing nicely and styling myself like usually, I went to school one day dressed as, well, a slob. I noticed that a lot of girls at school show up in sweat pants or yoga pants, big t-shirts, and hoodies. And while I could never understand how someone could go a whole day looking like they’re falling apart, I was really curious to see how it felt (and especially to see if the “comfort” was worth sacrificing an opportunity to dress up.

So today I rocked this “I’ve given up on life” look: my favorite hoodie, the only pair of sweatpants I own (which, by the way, don’t even really fit me– they’re about an inch too short), and a sloppy topknot. I even went all out and sported some second-day hair for the first time in the history of my school attendance.

given up

I observed people’s reactions and here were the results:

  • 3 “You look super comfortable!”s
  • 1 “You’re colorful today…”
  • 1 “I like your IDGAF look”

I didn’t get as much of an open response as I expected, but I did feel like people were looking at me weirdly all day. That could have been imagined, but it supports a claim that I hold as one of my basic fashion rules: If you feel fabulous, you will look fabulous.

All day I felt like a slob and I was way more self-conscious than I ever am in a short skirt or a tight dress. I didn’t feel fabulous. And I know no one looked at me and said “Wow, she looks great!” (Notice how the compliments I got were all connotation-neutral?) I’m not saying that you have to dress like a model in a magazine spread every day, but I am saying that the way you feel is directly reflected in the way you look. If that means wearing sweats and a hoodie every day, then more power to you.

But for me, I think I’ll stick with the fully styled outfits. The sweatpants weren’t even that comfortable for me anyway! And the bun made my head hurt. Plus it actually took MORE work to plan my outfit and hair and it was really hard to pick what shoes to wear. Like harder than usual. And I changed as soon as I finished taking these pictures, which I did as soon as I got home. It’s a sign that the bum look is just not the way for me.

honeybadger don't care

Does this face look like it cares?

Today I just wanted to share with you my how I did my hair. I put it up in a low side bun and FINALLY got to rock my huge black bow!

Photo on 2013-01-14 at 16.46 Photo on 2013-01-14 at 16.48


I did a pretty deep side part and brushed my bangs to the side and I feel like that made it a lot more glamorous and dressy. I felt like I came straight from the Golden Globes!

Anyway, I have exams to study for. Sooo…


Keep it classy


I’m starting a mini series! Sometimes I notice that the stuff I like isn’t considered stylish, and is not likely to become stylish. Part of me treasures the knowledge that I have a unique sense of style, but another part of me wishes that others would recognize the sheer awesomeness of many of the same things I appreciate.

So over the next few days/weeks (who knows how long this will last) I’m going to share things that I think should be considered cool.

I really wish temporary tattoos (you know, the ones that come in a sheet and that you put on with water and a cotton ball) were cool. I think they’re cool, but I seem to be an outlier in a demographic of five-year-olds. They’re just as aesthetically pleasing as real tattoos, but they don’t have the permanence that can be a major turnoff for those looking into real ink-and-needle tattoos.



I got these awesome things for Christmas one year and I decided to put one on for a few reasons:

1. I can’t resist anything with peace signs and smiley faces. They make me think of hippies, my main fashion inspiration. HOW COULD I SAY NO?!

2. It’s midterm week, which means I have to do as many small things to keep myself in a good mood as possible. Hopefully when I’m in the middle of my AP chem exam, I can look at my tattoo and be reassured that everything will be okay.


It’s a flower AND a smiley face! How cute??

Anyway, would you wear a temporary tattoo? If not, WHY THE HECK NOT??


Keep it classy