Rompin’ around OOTD and mini haul

So I wanted to share today’s outfit with you, and I went shopping today and I wanted to share what I got. Soooo I decided to try doing a haul for the first time! Tell me what you think of it– if you want more hauls or if you think it’s laaame.

Today I wore a romper (actually a hand-me-down from my aunt) under a blazer. Blazers are such a great way to add simple class to an outfit. The blazer I’m wearing is more of a casual one than a business one.



And now for the mini-haul! I went to quite a few stoers but I didn’t buy too much stuff.

From Claire’s I got:



A ring that says peace and love (it’s a little big so I’ll probably wear it on my thumb) and



a fabulous big hair bow. I feel like Gaga would approve.

Then from Aeropostale, I got this blue t shirt



The velvet caught my eye immediately and there is a nice zipper detail on the back. I promise I’ll style it soon!

I’m pretty bad with conclusions. I always have been and I probably always will be. Sooo yeah.


Keep it classy




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