Stuff I wish was cool #1

I’m starting a mini series! Sometimes I notice that the stuff I like isn’t considered stylish, and is not likely to become stylish. Part of me treasures the knowledge that I have a unique sense of style, but another part of me wishes that others would recognize the sheer awesomeness of many of the same things I appreciate.

So over the next few days/weeks (who knows how long this will last) I’m going to share things that I think should be considered cool.

I really wish temporary tattoos (you know, the ones that come in a sheet and that you put on with water and a cotton ball) were cool. I think they’re cool, but I seem to be an outlier in a demographic of five-year-olds. They’re just as aesthetically pleasing as real tattoos, but they don’t have the permanence that can be a major turnoff for those looking into real ink-and-needle tattoos.



I got these awesome things for Christmas one year and I decided to put one on for a few reasons:

1. I can’t resist anything with peace signs and smiley faces. They make me think of hippies, my main fashion inspiration. HOW COULD I SAY NO?!

2. It’s midterm week, which means I have to do as many small things to keep myself in a good mood as possible. Hopefully when I’m in the middle of my AP chem exam, I can look at my tattoo and be reassured that everything will be okay.


It’s a flower AND a smiley face! How cute??

Anyway, would you wear a temporary tattoo? If not, WHY THE HECK NOT??


Keep it classy



  1. AP chem… I just took our semester final for that class on friday.. yucky.

    • I have it on Tuesday. Along with AP US history, my worst subject. YAY.

  2. markharwoodwriter said:

    I’m afraid I won’t be sporting temporary tattoos anytime soon, but by no means do I believe I’m holier than thou. My fiancee bought me Avengers jammies for Christmas and if you think I haven’t been wearing those bad boys every night since, you’re dead wrong. (I asked her if we’d be getting a car bed next Christmas. She put her head in her hands and asked, “What I have done?”)

    • That sounds fabulous! One is never too old for a good pair of pajamas.

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