Sally haul


So I went to Sally the other day in search of a curling wand and I ended up leaving with way more than I originally intended. But it’s not because I went crazy and bought everything in the store… It’s because they had an AWESOME sale going on!!!

Since I bought a Nano silver curling wand, I got a FREE Nano silver curling iron. I have no idea why they were giving away styling tools, but they had all kinds of sales– free straightening irons, free curling irons, etc.– and I got the curling iron, which would have been another thirty something bucks, for free.

But wait, there’s more!! Since I spent a certain amount of money (I think the minimum amount was $30) I got a free huge crocodile style bag that says it’s a $34.99 value. How awesome is that?? I bought one curling wand for $32 and got a free iron and tote bag that would’ve tripled my purchase.

I just wanted to share this awesome deal with you in case you were looking for styling tools or in case you like awesome sales or just because I wanted to show off my sweet find!!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading and hopefully look forward to some awesome posts coming up in the very near future….:)

Keep it classy


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