More people should do this

Welcome to #2 on the list of stuff I wish was cool. Today I’m going to talk about socks! Who doesn’t like socks?

I think knee-highs are the underdog of the sock world. They are so cute, and they keep your legs warm. You can wear them with shorts or a skirt in cooler weather- bam, I just tripled your wardrobe by expanding your summer clothes into two more seasons (or three if where you live doesn’t get cold during the winter).

I really didn't feel like taking pictures this day...

I really didn’t feel like taking pictures this day…

I think big socks have kind of a stigma attached to them, like they are associated with being nerdy. But in my opinion, the higher your socks are, the better! I hate those little mesh socks that barely cover your toes. They are so uncomfortable to me.

Anyway, next time you’re out shopping for socks, I sincerely recommend investing in a nice pair of knee highs!


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