Don’t sweat it OOTD

So I got this sweater quite a while ago– I’d say a month at least– and I’ve been wanting to wear it, but you know how sometimes you just have to wait for the exactly right day to wear something? Yeah, that’s what happened to me. But I finally got to wear it today!!



I love the bright blue/teal color of it. And who doesn’t like oversized sweaters? I went with skinny jeans for the bottoms because I wanted to contrast the bagginess of the sweater and emphasize its loose shape.

I also felt awesome in my homemade braided headband, especially because I haven’t worn one in a long time and they kind of have a comfortable, familiar attachment for me.


By the way, can we please take a moment to appreciate the mix of textures hanging on my bar of outfits for the week?



I’ve got cotton, lace, velvet, and something synthetic/almost polyester-feeling. Texture is a really great way to make an outfit more interesting. I’m super excited for this week now! I mean even more than usual. Awesome.


Keep it classy



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