Don’t stop me now

I actually meant to post his on/right after Valentine’s Day, but for some reason I completely forgot until I turned on my camera today!

I wanted to share with you guys this awesome DIY that I did. It’s a t-shirt I created with some fabric spray paint and a stencil I cut out of paper.



The picture isn’t the greatest, but I am indeed wearing the face of the great Freddie Mercury on my hot pink t-shirt. And here’s how I did it:

1. Found this picture online, printed it out to a size I thought would fit the shirt well, and cut it out using an exacto knife-type-thing

stencil2 stencil1 stencil after slicing


2. Laid it on the shirt and sprayed it with fabric paint

paints stencil


3. Peeled off the stencil (before too much paint bled through) and let it dry



As you can see, the paint did bleed through the paper in some of the more detailed parts. But it’s still recognizable, so I approve. I wore this to school and I felt awesome…therefore I looked awesome.

Some tips for anyone planning to attempt a similar project:

1. Tape down any little pieces that stick out that could easily get blown away from the shirt. But make sure you tape the underside so that the tape doesn’t show up nuder the layer of paint.

2. Try to cut your design out of cardboard, not just printer paper. The paint will go through the paper. Maybe try printing it on paper, then gluing the paper onto some cardboard (an old cereal box should be thick enough).

I wore this shirt on Valentine’s day in order to express my love for Freddie and his music. And amazingness.

What I want to know is, if you were to make a shirt like mine, whose face would you put on it?? Let me know!


Keep it classy


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  1. iriel said:

    So cool!! I guess mine would be Tolkien with his pipe.

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