If an OOTD post and a DIY post had a baby, it would be today’s post! I wanted to share with you two things today– first, this awesome crop top I made; second, how I style it and why I style it the way I do.

So back when I was developing my hand stitching skills (over a year ago now), I went on one of those crafting sprees where I just wanted to create something– or anything– just for the sake of being able to say “I made that!” So I tried making a tribal print t-shirt with a blank orange shirt I had. But it turned out looking really bad. So I took an old romper that was too small for me,  cut it up, and used the scraps to sew on a giant heart. But I wanted to be even MORE crafty, so I added the little inverse color design as shown below….

I made the shirt!!!!


Oh yeah and my affinity for fringe drove me to cut up the hem and the sleeves a little.

Now on to styling…

One of my go-to style tricks is layering crop tops over dresses. I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about this before. It keeps me in dress code without looking frumpy and I love the shape it makes (not to mention it’s super comfortable).

I always pair this shirt with this dress because they go so well together. At first I thought it was just because all of the colors are slightly-off-neutral. But today I realized that it’s because the orange on the flowers of the dress almost perfectly matches the orange of the shirt.

Matchy matchy

The shirt was just a project that grew on its own; I didn’t plan it out, and it shows that sometimes it’s just better to go with the flow. It’s one of my favorite DIY projects that I’ve done. Plus the fact that it magically goes so well with the dress makes me love wearing it even more.

There are few pleasures greater than making something functional with your own hands. I could go on and on about the wonders of DIYs but that would be boring so I’m not going to.


Keep it classy



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