Yes, it’s true! I went to prom! And it just so happened that prom fell on my birthday, so I basically had a huge celebration with a bunch of my friends (and with a bunch of people I’d never seen before in my life). And of course I had to share what I wore…

I didn’t want a dress that would blend in with everyone else’s empire-waisted, jewel toned gowns with cutouts or rhinestoned busts. And I refused to wear a strapless dress that I would have to keep pulling up all night. So I looked for my favorite elegant detail and got this fabulous lace dress:


I went for a boho, ethereal-ish look and I think my messy braid pretty much helped pull it off. And I kept it a little exciting with some bright teal shoes.

The dress is from Stalli, and the shoes are from Rue 21… when I saw them, I could not say no to getting them!! I was so comfortable the whole night. I was so happy with my dress choice, and I’m even more excited that I got a dress (and shoes) that I’ll be able to wear again.

Prom also got me thinking about how much I love high heels and how fabulous it would be to have them be a part of my daily wardrobe. I may start to transition low heels into my look. So keep an eye out for that…

And please, DON’T be like the girls dancing promiscuously at prom…



  1. boldaustinjunkie said:

    I love how you decided not to go for the typical sparkly jeweled prom dress!

    • Thank you! Those kinds of dresses look nice on other people but are just not for me!

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