Hair and there and everywhere

You can tell a lot about a person by looking at her hair.

Today I was sitting in class, looking at the head of the person in front of me, and I realized how accurately a person’s hair can represent her personality. Obviously, hair cuts and styles are just as representative of a person’s style as clothes or makeup, but I think hair is an even deeper manifestation of inner personality– especially because it’s natural (to an extent), so it’s really the most obvious physical expression of who you are.

Take, for example, the person who got me thinking about it. I was looking at her disheveled hair when I realized how much it represented her as a person– kind of crazy (as in, all over the place), really cute, and extremely beautiful when put together nicely. Then I thought about myself and how my straight hair with colored tips is like a picture of my quiet yet sometimes quirky personality. Then I thought about the person behind to me and how her layered cut is “fancier” without effort, just like she’s complex without trying to be.

Even now, I’m thinking about the people I know, and how my preppy friends have short, neat hair, my serious friends have hair that they don’t fuss about, and my artsy friends have hair that does whatever it wants.

You may be thinking that of course hair is a reflection on our personalities. And of course I knew that. What I’m saying is that today I realized, I think it’s a lot more intricate, and looking at someone’s hair is a way to really get to know him/her quickly and accurately. It’s something we should pay more attention to.


Keep it classy


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