Ready for summer

Hola, Tanneritos!

Today I bring you a double post. I want to show off my new haircut and a fabulous new pair of sunglasses.

When I asked the stylist to cut off all my blonde, I didn’t realize how much shorter that would make it. So I was slightly surprised to see how much got chopped off. But my hair felt instantly lighter, healthier, and not as hot- totally ready for summer.


(You can kind of see the feather extensions I added to my hair a few weeks ago!)


The new side bangs also look fabulous in a messy ponytail:



Now on to phase 2:

You might have noticed the round sunglasses I’ve sported in previous posts. I am sad to report that they are no longer with us šŸ˜¦ One of the arms broke off and now my favorite pair of sunnies is out of commission. To replace them, I found these awesome sunglasses at a random gift shop!



They’re like my round ones, only better because they’reĀ GREEN!

I like to look over the top of them reproachfully like Dumbledore.


The tint is so light I’m almost tempted to wear them indoors.



I basically belong at an outdoor musical festival.


Until next time,



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