“What the heck am I going to wear to school?”

Despite my tax-free weekend haul, I found myself asking this question a few days ago when I opened my closet to get dressed. I felt unprepared on what to wear during the upcoming school year. And then I visited Goodwill.

The thing with Goodwill is that you either love it or you hate it. And while I cannot deny that wearing other people’s old clothes is kind of weird, and the items can tend to be past funky, you can’t deny that you will find unique things there. And they’re so cheap that they’re perfect DIY candidates. If you screw up reconstructing a t-shirt, you don’t feel that bad because you probably only spent two dollars on it anyway.

I knew it was going to be a good day for thrifting before we even got to the store. I got a lot of stuff. And I’m excited to share it all with you!

Of course, being the hippie wannabe that I am, I got a few boho-looking pieces. The first skirt I got because it had pockets, which I can’t resist. The second skirt is a fabulous wrap-around type thing and the print is GORGEOUS. And I am always in need of light sweaters (you know, dress code and stuff), hence the multicolored knit cardigan.

pockets psychadelicskirt knitcardigan









I also got a few pieces that made me think of 90’s grunge. They’re like grungey but girly… I don’t even know if that’s an accurate description but that vibe is what drew me to them.

plaidskirt ninetiesdress

I got a bunch of things to DIY. I won’t go into detail about all of them because I want it to be a surprise.

tiedye ombretiedye Bluetiedye


I will share with you one thing: notice how the design on this shirt is barely visible?


I plan on taking some fabric paints to that shirt and making it vibrant and psychedelic and pop art-ish. We’ll see how that goes.

Speaking of DIYs, I got this sweater because (1) it’s a pullover, and (2) it’s RAINBOW. I can’t say no to rainbows.


It looks like whoever had it before me dyed it herself. All I know is, if I made that myself, I would never have given it to Goodwill.

Now that I’ve bought all sorts of good things and styled a good amount of them in my head, I feel pretty ready for school. Because I know that if you feel fabulous, you will look fabulous.


Keep it classy



  1. Lindsay said:

    youre an actual hipster. 🙂 i love everything!!!

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