Outfits of the Days

Greetings, dear reader! As a result of various factors (including both my laziness and my creative restlessness), I am sharing not one but TWO “outfit of the day” styles with you. These are from the first week of school.


My awesome circle skirt and favorite t-shirt can be seen here

Quick tip: I wear loose-fitting t-shirts often. I got inspired by Molly Ringwald and rolled the sleeves up a little; I find it gives the shirt a cuter fit and takes barely any effort!


Comfy and still lookin gooooood!

A lot of people try their best to dress well during the first day(s) of school. But I try not to go over the top. It sets up unrealistic expectations for the rest of the year, and by January people are wondering what happened to the cute person they met on the first day. I try to go for a more accurate representation of my style as a whole. It also keeps me comfortable in otherwise unfamiliar, overwhelming situations.

Until next time,

Keep it classy



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