Styling “those” shirts

We have all been in clubs that require us to wear our club t-shirts to every meeting. As a member of several clubs at school, I find myself having to wear these shirts at least once a week. And as someone with an interest in fashion, I sometimes feel like I wear club t-shirts so often that it takes away from the time that I get to wear my more preferred pieces.

So I decided to start styling club-shirts as regular t-shirts. That may seem like a no-brainer at first, but keep in mind that club shirts are often much bulkier than the average tee and don’t always have a cute design or the ability to be cut into a crop top.

My first and most basic tip when styling club t-shirts is to remember that YOU HAVE MORE OPTIONS TO PAIR THEM WITH THAN JEANS! Tuck it into a skirt! Pick some shorts that coordinate with the design!

Here you’ll see that I paired my NHS shirt with some tuxedo pants:


The black shirt goes with the black stripe on the pants. The dark colors make the outfit chic, where jeans would have been boring and blah.

Luckily the NHS shirt is pretty classy, so it looks like it could be any shirt with a random design on it.


Stay tuned for more tips on how to style “club” t-shirts!

Keep it classy,



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