Hello dear readers! I have been meaning to write a post for some time now but I haven’t gotten around to it; that must have been fate because today I get to bring you a completely different post that will much better illustrate a very important milestone in my blogging career: my 100th post!

Yay! 100 seems like such a big number at first but it really isn’t when you think about how many posts a professional blogger must have. Anyway…

My school started a new tradition this year; other schools have done it but it’s the first time I’ve heard of or seen such a thing. As seniors we get to decorate senior crowns and we’re supposed to wear them to special events (like tonight’s Homecoming game, for example).

I’m usually not one to flaunt my superiority (“Look at me! I’m a senior and therefore better than you! I shall illustrate my superiority with a crown!”) but I could not pass up the opportunity to personalize an accessory so full of potential. Plus, since they’re a new thing at my school, the crowns don’t have that much significance yet.

And now, my crown!!!!



Now, it was not officially a creativity contest, but I secretly took it upon myself to make a crown that would stand out. I figured the best way to do that would be to alter the structure by building on the crown- and a unicorn horn was the obvious way to go.

I’m starting to make “Allie the unicorn” a bigger part of my identity now (as in, more than just my blog domain) and I thought this was a nice way to do so.



Besides the horn (which was just rolled-up paper hot glued on), my crown stood out as one of the few that were not black, purple, or silver (our school colors).

I will gladly wear it again. And since I forgot to write “senior” or “2014” on it, I can wear it long after my senior year is done!

Did you make a senior crown? How did it look?


Keep it classy



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