Gatsby? What Gatsby?

So, here’s the story:

I was going to share my Homecoming outfit with you guys, but when a week passed and I hadn’t done it, I decided it was old news and not worth posting. But something new has developed! Teen Vogue asked their readers to submit their Homecoming looks, so I did, and they featured me in an online article!  You can see the slideshow here:

I’m on slide 24, but I recommend looking at everyone’s dresses. Who doesn’t like looking at dresses?

As it says on my caption, the theme for my Homecoming this year was the Roaring Twenties so I looked for a Daisy Buchanan-esque dress. The one I got reminded me of the scene in the new movie when Daisy and Gatsby meet again for the first time (confusing, I know) at Nick’s house.

I would also like to note that I successfully executed a faux bob that didn’t budge at all the entire night. That was probably my biggest accomplishment. And I’d be happy to do a tutorial if anyone’s interested. 😉

It was my first (and only) Homecoming, and it was really magical (especially when they played Lana Del Rey, just saying).


Keep it classy



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