Hello dear readers! I have been meaning to write a post for some time now but I haven’t gotten around to it; that must have been fate because today I get to bring you a completely different post that will much better illustrate a very important milestone in my blogging career: my 100th post!

Yay! 100 seems like such a big number at first but it really isn’t when you think about how many posts a professional blogger must have. Anyway…

My school started a new tradition this year; other schools have done it but it’s the first time I’ve heard of or seen such a thing. As seniors we get to decorate senior crowns and we’re supposed to wear them to special events (like tonight’s Homecoming game, for example).

I’m usually not one to flaunt my superiority (“Look at me! I’m a senior and therefore better than you! I shall illustrate my superiority with a crown!”) but I could not pass up the opportunity to personalize an accessory so full of potential. Plus, since they’re a new thing at my school, the crowns don’t have that much significance yet.

And now, my crown!!!!



Now, it was not officially a creativity contest, but I secretly took it upon myself to make a crown that would stand out. I figured the best way to do that would be to alter the structure by building on the crown- and a unicorn horn was the obvious way to go.

I’m starting to make “Allie the unicorn” a bigger part of my identity now (as in, more than just my blog domain) and I thought this was a nice way to do so.



Besides the horn (which was just rolled-up paper hot glued on), my crown stood out as one of the few that were not black, purple, or silver (our school colors).

I will gladly wear it again. And since I forgot to write “senior” or “2014” on it, I can wear it long after my senior year is done!

Did you make a senior crown? How did it look?


Keep it classy



I am super excited to show off a surprise DIY I did today at the library! Thanks to my favorite librarian I got to make an adorable fascinator a la British royalty.

Photo on 2013-08-08 at 15.48 #4

I don’t want to share instructions because this wasn’t my design, but I hope you enjoy it and are inspired to do your own simple DIY today.

Photo on 2013-08-08 at 23.59



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So I got my license yesterday, and to celebrate (I seize the opportunity to celebrate anything good that happens- it’s the little things that make life exciting) I’ve been personalizing my car. Today I finished making a little throw pillow to keep in the seat and I wanted to make a quick tutorial.

I’m extremely lazy, so I like to keep my DIY projects as simple as possible. Nor do I have a sewing machine, so I also try to keep the sewing to a minimum. My pillow was pretty small and didn’t take too long to hand-stitch. Here’s the finished product:


I facetiously named my car the Swaggin’ Wagon.

I’m so happy with it! Here’s what you need:

  • Transfer paper
  • An iron and ironing board
  • Fabric
  • Needle and thread
  • Stuffing

And to make it:

Swaggin wagon

  1. Create your design. I made this simple emblem on Word and added some unicorn clip-art I found online. It’s important that the shape will be easy to cut out and the text color contrasts the background color strongly.
  2. Print it out. Print your design onto the transfer paper and cut it out, being careful not to leave any white around the edges.
  3. Cut out the fabric. You’ll need a rectangle; I started out measuring mine but was just eyeballing it by the end. Basically decide on what size you want your pillow to be and make the fabric twice as long.
  4. Iron on the design. Pay attention to the directions on the transfer sheets’ package.
  5. Sew. Fold the rectangle in half, right sides touching. Stitch two of the sides closed and only part of the third side. Turn it right side out.
  6. Stuff. Put in a small amount of stuffing at a time until your pillow has reached desired puff levels.
  7. Close. Stitch up the rest of the third side, fluff your pillow and voila! Your very own decorative throw pillow for car or home.

The great thing about DIYs like this is that no matter what you make, it’ll be completely unique to you. Plus it kind of serves a function.

I’m so glad I finally got to share a DIY with you guys.

My collage thing above was made on


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If an OOTD post and a DIY post had a baby, it would be today’s post! I wanted to share with you two things today– first, this awesome crop top I made; second, how I style it and why I style it the way I do.

So back when I was developing my hand stitching skills (over a year ago now), I went on one of those crafting sprees where I just wanted to create something– or anything– just for the sake of being able to say “I made that!” So I tried making a tribal print t-shirt with a blank orange shirt I had. But it turned out looking really bad. So I took an old romper that was too small for me,  cut it up, and used the scraps to sew on a giant heart. But I wanted to be even MORE crafty, so I added the little inverse color design as shown below….

I made the shirt!!!!


Oh yeah and my affinity for fringe drove me to cut up the hem and the sleeves a little.

Now on to styling…

One of my go-to style tricks is layering crop tops over dresses. I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about this before. It keeps me in dress code without looking frumpy and I love the shape it makes (not to mention it’s super comfortable).

I always pair this shirt with this dress because they go so well together. At first I thought it was just because all of the colors are slightly-off-neutral. But today I realized that it’s because the orange on the flowers of the dress almost perfectly matches the orange of the shirt.

Matchy matchy

The shirt was just a project that grew on its own; I didn’t plan it out, and it shows that sometimes it’s just better to go with the flow. It’s one of my favorite DIY projects that I’ve done. Plus the fact that it magically goes so well with the dress makes me love wearing it even more.

There are few pleasures greater than making something functional with your own hands. I could go on and on about the wonders of DIYs but that would be boring so I’m not going to.


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I actually meant to post his on/right after Valentine’s Day, but for some reason I completely forgot until I turned on my camera today!

I wanted to share with you guys this awesome DIY that I did. It’s a t-shirt I created with some fabric spray paint and a stencil I cut out of paper.



The picture isn’t the greatest, but I am indeed wearing the face of the great Freddie Mercury on my hot pink t-shirt. And here’s how I did it:

1. Found this picture online, printed it out to a size I thought would fit the shirt well, and cut it out using an exacto knife-type-thing

stencil2 stencil1 stencil after slicing


2. Laid it on the shirt and sprayed it with fabric paint

paints stencil


3. Peeled off the stencil (before too much paint bled through) and let it dry



As you can see, the paint did bleed through the paper in some of the more detailed parts. But it’s still recognizable, so I approve. I wore this to school and I felt awesome…therefore I looked awesome.

Some tips for anyone planning to attempt a similar project:

1. Tape down any little pieces that stick out that could easily get blown away from the shirt. But make sure you tape the underside so that the tape doesn’t show up nuder the layer of paint.

2. Try to cut your design out of cardboard, not just printer paper. The paint will go through the paper. Maybe try printing it on paper, then gluing the paper onto some cardboard (an old cereal box should be thick enough).

I wore this shirt on Valentine’s day in order to express my love for Freddie and his music. And amazingness.

What I want to know is, if you were to make a shirt like mine, whose face would you put on it?? Let me know!


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I’ve felt like I needed to change up my style for the past few weeks, so I decided to try something I’ve tried (and failed at) before: dying my hair green.

I attempted it two years ago, but the green dye didn’t hold in my hair, so I ended up with bleached tips which were cool but not what I wanted. I just recently worked up the courage to try it again.

Before any chemicals touched my head I got a haircut. I kept the length but added some layers and trimmed my bangs.


Then I used the Manic Panic lightening kit I bought and bleached the ends of my hair to a nice orange. Even though I left it in for the full two hours, my hair refused to turn the pale “lemon yellow” it was supposed to be. I went on with the dye anyway and the results were kind of weird.

You can’t see the green in regular, inside, artificial light. But once I go in the sunlight I can see it. And it shows up on camera (I think because of the harsh flash).


It’s more of a mossy green than the “electric lizard” in the bottle, but I’m happy with the results. I think it’s dark because my hair underneath is still pretty dark.

007 008

The green pretty much shows up wherever the light hits it.

I think it was a pretty good way to start the new year.


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I’ve been dabbling in thrifting a bit lately. I went last week and picked up some items, but of course, since they were thrifted they didn’t fit like they ideally would. So naturally I had to cut them up.

This first piece was a huge t-shirt that I just wanted to cut so it wouldn’t hang off of me like a giant bag. I LOVE the design. It’s probably the coolest t-shirt I’ve owned in a long while.

It’s a record player spewing an 8-bit-esque rainbow blob!

The next shirt I just got because I thought the print was pretty, but the construction made it seem kind of old-ladyish. So I turned it into a crop top. I don’t usually like wearing crop tops because I don’t like exposing my flesh and I think wearing a cami underneath defeats the purpose of cropping the top (see what I did there). BUT I love layering crop tops over dresses, either to hide the spaghetti straps (staying in dress code during the school year) or to take a dress from “piece” to “outfit.”


Speaking of layering over dresses, this will be part of my first day of school outfit… And maybe an OOTD?

The last piece I am going to share today is a skirt I cut into a mullet skirt. In case I haven’t already stated it, I LOVE MULLET SKIRTS. And dresses. I saw this skirt and immediately thought “cut into mullet skirt!” So I bought it. And that’s what I did.


I might round out the bottom corners. It seems a bit heavy in the back. Also, it’s made out of some sort of polyester material which is a weird contrast from the other mullet skirts I own. So I’ll have to get used to that.


The fact that these were thrifted already affirms some degree of uniqueness, but since I customized them, they are pretty much guaranteed to be one of a kind. And that’s part of what my style is about.


Keep it classy,