Last week, I planned and photographed THREE whole posts to share… but I never got around to actually writing the posts. So I decided to combine them into one giant post and share them all at once! Wee!

The first one is actually a second installment in my “How to style ‘those’ shirts” series. This time I styled my club shirt with a brown belt and capris. Before, I discounted this outfit as just another version of a t-shirt and jeans. But when I saw people wearing outfits like this at school, I realized that it can be a very polished look when executed properly.



And it works best with a braid or ponytail:



Next is probably one of my favorite outfits I have ever worn.



I had been waiting a long time to wear this poncho and this skirt, so when I got the opportunity to wear one and the idea dawned on me to wear them together- I was kind of overwhelmed with excitement.

I actually had to dress as a hippie for a project, and that’s what I wore. Except I forgot to mention in my presentation that I was dressed up. So no one noticed anything out of the ordinary.


Some arm candy



Finally, I wore an outfit on Friday that, again, I was anxious to wear. Do you ever get that way? Really excited to wear all the cute clothes in your closet but you have to pace yourself and plan your outfits carefully? I love utilizing that feeling to be creative. Anyway, this is my final outfit for this post:



It’s my favorite skirt paired with a fabulous velvet shirt that I forgot I owned but got excited about when I found it in my closet (I love that feeling too)!


A closeup so you can see the texture of the shirt



I even put my hair in my favorite updo- milkmaid braids- perfect for second-day hair!

That’s it for this post… I tried to keep it long and not ramble too much about any one outfit.

Until next time!


Keep it classy



Hola, Tanneritos!

Today I bring you a double post. I want to show off my new haircut and a fabulous new pair of sunglasses.

When I asked the stylist to cut off all my blonde, I didn’t realize how much shorter that would make it. So I was slightly surprised to see how much got chopped off. But my hair felt instantly lighter, healthier, and not as hot- totally ready for summer.


(You can kind of see the feather extensions I added to my hair a few weeks ago!)


The new side bangs also look fabulous in a messy ponytail:



Now on to phase 2:

You might have noticed the round sunglasses I’ve sported in previous posts. I am sad to report that they are no longer with us 😦 One of the arms broke off and now my favorite pair of sunnies is out of commission. To replace them, I found these awesome sunglasses at a random gift shop!



They’re like my round ones, only better because they’re GREEN!

I like to look over the top of them reproachfully like Dumbledore.


The tint is so light I’m almost tempted to wear them indoors.



I basically belong at an outdoor musical festival.


Until next time,


…You will look fabulous!

Today I wanted to share my outfit with special focus on how I wore my hair.

I wore an old dress from H&M and a cardigan my friend gave me for my birthday:Photo on 2013-05-23 at 15.05

The navy blue giraffes complemented the dress…

Photo on 2013-05-23 at 15.06

And I put my hair up by twisting it around a headband– I’m sure you’ve seen this style floating around the internet before.

Photo on 2013-05-23 at 15.08 #5 Photo on 2013-05-23 at 15.08 #4


The hair even elicited some princess comparisons from my friends 🙂

The dress was worn in and comfy, and the hair made the outfit more glam, so they balanced out.

Isn’t fashion just so much fun sometimes?

Keep it classy,


You can tell a lot about a person by looking at her hair.

Today I was sitting in class, looking at the head of the person in front of me, and I realized how accurately a person’s hair can represent her personality. Obviously, hair cuts and styles are just as representative of a person’s style as clothes or makeup, but I think hair is an even deeper manifestation of inner personality– especially because it’s natural (to an extent), so it’s really the most obvious physical expression of who you are.

Take, for example, the person who got me thinking about it. I was looking at her disheveled hair when I realized how much it represented her as a person– kind of crazy (as in, all over the place), really cute, and extremely beautiful when put together nicely. Then I thought about myself and how my straight hair with colored tips is like a picture of my quiet yet sometimes quirky personality. Then I thought about the person behind to me and how her layered cut is “fancier” without effort, just like she’s complex without trying to be.

Even now, I’m thinking about the people I know, and how my preppy friends have short, neat hair, my serious friends have hair that they don’t fuss about, and my artsy friends have hair that does whatever it wants.

You may be thinking that of course hair is a reflection on our personalities. And of course I knew that. What I’m saying is that today I realized, I think it’s a lot more intricate, and looking at someone’s hair is a way to really get to know him/her quickly and accurately. It’s something we should pay more attention to.


Keep it classy


Yes, it’s true! I went to prom! And it just so happened that prom fell on my birthday, so I basically had a huge celebration with a bunch of my friends (and with a bunch of people I’d never seen before in my life). And of course I had to share what I wore…

I didn’t want a dress that would blend in with everyone else’s empire-waisted, jewel toned gowns with cutouts or rhinestoned busts. And I refused to wear a strapless dress that I would have to keep pulling up all night. So I looked for my favorite elegant detail and got this fabulous lace dress:


I went for a boho, ethereal-ish look and I think my messy braid pretty much helped pull it off. And I kept it a little exciting with some bright teal shoes.

The dress is from Stalli, and the shoes are from Rue 21… when I saw them, I could not say no to getting them!! I was so comfortable the whole night. I was so happy with my dress choice, and I’m even more excited that I got a dress (and shoes) that I’ll be able to wear again.

Prom also got me thinking about how much I love high heels and how fabulous it would be to have them be a part of my daily wardrobe. I may start to transition low heels into my look. So keep an eye out for that…

And please, DON’T be like the girls dancing promiscuously at prom…




So I went to Sally the other day in search of a curling wand and I ended up leaving with way more than I originally intended. But it’s not because I went crazy and bought everything in the store… It’s because they had an AWESOME sale going on!!!

Since I bought a Nano silver curling wand, I got a FREE Nano silver curling iron. I have no idea why they were giving away styling tools, but they had all kinds of sales– free straightening irons, free curling irons, etc.– and I got the curling iron, which would have been another thirty something bucks, for free.

But wait, there’s more!! Since I spent a certain amount of money (I think the minimum amount was $30) I got a free huge crocodile style bag that says it’s a $34.99 value. How awesome is that?? I bought one curling wand for $32 and got a free iron and tote bag that would’ve tripled my purchase.

I just wanted to share this awesome deal with you in case you were looking for styling tools or in case you like awesome sales or just because I wanted to show off my sweet find!!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading and hopefully look forward to some awesome posts coming up in the very near future….:)

Keep it classy