Last week, I planned and photographed THREE whole posts to share… but I never got around to actually writing the posts. So I decided to combine them into one giant post and share them all at once! Wee!

The first one is actually a second installment in my “How to style ‘those’ shirts” series. This time I styled my club shirt with a brown belt and capris. Before, I discounted this outfit as just another version of a t-shirt and jeans. But when I saw people wearing outfits like this at school, I realized that it can be a very polished look when executed properly.



And it works best with a braid or ponytail:



Next is probably one of my favorite outfits I have ever worn.



I had been waiting a long time to wear this poncho and this skirt, so when I got the opportunity to wear one and the idea dawned on me to wear them together- I was kind of overwhelmed with excitement.

I actually had to dress as a hippie for a project, and that’s what I wore. Except I forgot to mention in my presentation that I was dressed up. So no one noticed anything out of the ordinary.


Some arm candy



Finally, I wore an outfit on Friday that, again, I was anxious to wear. Do you ever get that way? Really excited to wear all the cute clothes in your closet but you have to pace yourself and plan your outfits carefully? I love utilizing that feeling to be creative. Anyway, this is my final outfit for this post:



It’s my favorite skirt paired with a fabulous velvet shirt that I forgot I owned but got excited about when I found it in my closet (I love that feeling too)!


A closeup so you can see the texture of the shirt



I even put my hair in my favorite updo- milkmaid braids- perfect for second-day hair!

That’s it for this post… I tried to keep it long and not ramble too much about any one outfit.

Until next time!


Keep it classy



Welcome to #2 on the list of stuff I wish was cool. Today I’m going to talk about socks! Who doesn’t like socks?

I think knee-highs are the underdog of the sock world. They are so cute, and they keep your legs warm. You can wear them with shorts or a skirt in cooler weather- bam, I just tripled your wardrobe by expanding your summer clothes into two more seasons (or three if where you live doesn’t get cold during the winter).

I really didn't feel like taking pictures this day...

I really didn’t feel like taking pictures this day…

I think big socks have kind of a stigma attached to them, like they are associated with being nerdy. But in my opinion, the higher your socks are, the better! I hate those little mesh socks that barely cover your toes. They are so uncomfortable to me.

Anyway, next time you’re out shopping for socks, I sincerely recommend investing in a nice pair of knee highs!


Keep it classy


I’m starting a mini series! Sometimes I notice that the stuff I like isn’t considered stylish, and is not likely to become stylish. Part of me treasures the knowledge that I have a unique sense of style, but another part of me wishes that others would recognize the sheer awesomeness of many of the same things I appreciate.

So over the next few days/weeks (who knows how long this will last) I’m going to share things that I think should be considered cool.

I really wish temporary tattoos (you know, the ones that come in a sheet and that you put on with water and a cotton ball) were cool. I think they’re cool, but I seem to be an outlier in a demographic of five-year-olds. They’re just as aesthetically pleasing as real tattoos, but they don’t have the permanence that can be a major turnoff for those looking into real ink-and-needle tattoos.



I got these awesome things for Christmas one year and I decided to put one on for a few reasons:

1. I can’t resist anything with peace signs and smiley faces. They make me think of hippies, my main fashion inspiration. HOW COULD I SAY NO?!

2. It’s midterm week, which means I have to do as many small things to keep myself in a good mood as possible. Hopefully when I’m in the middle of my AP chem exam, I can look at my tattoo and be reassured that everything will be okay.


It’s a flower AND a smiley face! How cute??

Anyway, would you wear a temporary tattoo? If not, WHY THE HECK NOT??


Keep it classy




In case  you couldn’t tell from the name of my blog, I have a thing for unicorns. I’m not sure what it is about them. I love that they’re whimsical and magical. I think my affinity for unicorns arose when I noticed the unfulfilled cliche of little girls loving unicorns and I thought that I should be the one to manifest that stereotype.

The other day I noticed that unicorns have become a theme in my wardrobe. I wanted to share with you all the pieces I have that are inspired by these magical creatures.

1. T-shirt



Okay, so maybe this isn’t an actual unicorn. But it’s reminiscent of them, I love quirky t-shirts, and it’s so random! It’s one of my favorite shirts.

2. Metal ring

011 015

Another fabulously whimsical piece. I love the design and the fact that it looks like the unicorn is standing/walking on my fingers. Plus the metallic feel is strong and bold, which I love.

3. Earrings


My friend found these at Claire’s when we were shopping together and I could NOT pass them up. I like to wear them so that it looks like they are flying outward from my head. Yeahhh.

4. Necklace


This was actually a gift from a friend. I like that it’s a little more dressy and elegant. Unicorns don’t have to be childish. They actually have a very sophisticated reputation in history.

5. Hat

021 022 028

This is probably one of the most awesome pieces of clothing I own. The only bad thing is that the weather where I live is rarely cold enough for me to rock it without looking like a weirdo. I actually wore it for Halloween in 2011 along with white pants and a white shirt. I was a fabulous unicorn.

Not that there are any UNfabulous unicorns.


Keep it classy



Today’s trend comes to us from the 90s! I think another great fad that would–and should– make a stellar return is fake bright hair extensions. They would fit right in with other currently popular trends: unnaturally colored hair (pink, blue, purple, ya know) and hair extensions. What I think should come back is clip-in and tie-on neon (or pastel, or just bright, or any color) fake hair. It doesn’t even have to look real. I just love the look of color mixed in with natural hair. Clip-in synthetic hair is all the fun of dying your hair with none of the commitment. I can so vividly picture Hilary Duff in Cadet Kelly with a little pink elastic of fake hair tied around her pony tail, and I say why not? (no pun intended)

I’ve only seen one person rock these extensions the way I picture them and the way they should be worn (and you can check out her blog over at!) I personally have a green set from Hot Topic but they match my hair length so poorly I’ve always been too nervous to wear them. If I figure them out I’ll post a picture!

What do you think of bright extensions?


Keep it classy


Like I said in my last post, today’s trend aligns perfectly with the pinup hair of the 40s. This time I’m calling for the swimsuits from the same era.

I’m really picky when it comes to swimwear, and personally, I can’t stand bikinis. Especially string bikinis… How can people wear them without worrying about things falling out?! Anyway, I think retro bikinis should make a comeback– they’re just so cute!!

My only concern would be the weird tan lines created by the high waist. But the only time I show off my stomach is in a bathing suit, so no worries!!

What do you think of this style of bathing suit?


Keep it classy


Today’s post comes to you from the fabulous ’40s and the era of the pin up girl, but I’m not encouraging you do run around half-dressed. Instead, I am calling for the return of pin up hair.

I wish people would put more effort into hair these days instead of that weird one-strand-twisted-back thing that does absolutely NOTHING besides make you look lazy. I’m not requesting that girls curl their hair every night and spend an hour strategically pinning sections in the morning. I’m just saying… a little effort now and again would be greatly appreciated (not just by me but by people all around).

Amy Heidemann from Karmin does a great job modernizing vintage hair with her staple suicide roll. But that’s just a start. We need to follow in her footsteps (while retaining our own identities, of course).

Isn’t Amy beautiful?

Conveniently, this leads directly to the next trend that needs to make a comeback. But you’ll have to wait a bit to see what it is!!

In the mean time…

Keep it classy