Outfit of the day

Just a quick outfit of the day post 🙂

Today I wore a new black dress (I seriously have so many little black dresses. It’s a good thing they’re perfect for every occasion. I think that’s an amazing phenomenon.)



I went with an all-black look because… well, I didn’t really have a reason. I was just in the mood for a subdued tone.

Action shot!

Action shot!

I got this dress from Kohl’s; it’s from Lauren Conrad’s line which I LOVE. On this dress I particularly like the bow accent and the pleated skirt.


It’s the ultimate figure flatterer. Yes that is a word now.


Keep it classy



Last week, I planned and photographed THREE whole posts to share… but I never got around to actually writing the posts. So I decided to combine them into one giant post and share them all at once! Wee!

The first one is actually a second installment in my “How to style ‘those’ shirts” series. This time I styled my club shirt with a brown belt and capris. Before, I discounted this outfit as just another version of a t-shirt and jeans. But when I saw people wearing outfits like this at school, I realized that it can be a very polished look when executed properly.



And it works best with a braid or ponytail:



Next is probably one of my favorite outfits I have ever worn.



I had been waiting a long time to wear this poncho and this skirt, so when I got the opportunity to wear one and the idea dawned on me to wear them together- I was kind of overwhelmed with excitement.

I actually had to dress as a hippie for a project, and that’s what I wore. Except I forgot to mention in my presentation that I was dressed up. So no one noticed anything out of the ordinary.


Some arm candy



Finally, I wore an outfit on Friday that, again, I was anxious to wear. Do you ever get that way? Really excited to wear all the cute clothes in your closet but you have to pace yourself and plan your outfits carefully? I love utilizing that feeling to be creative. Anyway, this is my final outfit for this post:



It’s my favorite skirt paired with a fabulous velvet shirt that I forgot I owned but got excited about when I found it in my closet (I love that feeling too)!


A closeup so you can see the texture of the shirt



I even put my hair in my favorite updo- milkmaid braids- perfect for second-day hair!

That’s it for this post… I tried to keep it long and not ramble too much about any one outfit.

Until next time!


Keep it classy



I just wanted to post some pictures of what I wore today and talk about it a little.



The focus of this outfit was obviously the skirt. I found it at Goodwill and when I saw it there I knew I had to get it. It was one of those “I never even knew I was searching for you but I have found you” moments. I was kind of inspired by grunge style, so paired it with an almost-but-not-really punk t-shirt and some black boots.



The fabric is some pretty heavy-duty material and it’s going to be great during the winter when it’s too cold to wear short skirts but I’m still too stubborn to wear pants.


One of my favorite things about this skirt/shirt combo is how thin it makes my waist look…


On a scale of one to me, how excited are you to transition into your fall wardrobe? I know I’m wearing my knit poncho to school one day this week. Before it gets back up to the 80s. Which could happen any day.


Keep it classy


We have all been in clubs that require us to wear our club t-shirts to every meeting. As a member of several clubs at school, I find myself having to wear these shirts at least once a week. And as someone with an interest in fashion, I sometimes feel like I wear club t-shirts so often that it takes away from the time that I get to wear my more preferred pieces.

So I decided to start styling club-shirts as regular t-shirts. That may seem like a no-brainer at first, but keep in mind that club shirts are often much bulkier than the average tee and don’t always have a cute design or the ability to be cut into a crop top.

My first and most basic tip when styling club t-shirts is to remember that YOU HAVE MORE OPTIONS TO PAIR THEM WITH THAN JEANS! Tuck it into a skirt! Pick some shorts that coordinate with the design!

Here you’ll see that I paired my NHS shirt with some tuxedo pants:


The black shirt goes with the black stripe on the pants. The dark colors make the outfit chic, where jeans would have been boring and blah.

Luckily the NHS shirt is pretty classy, so it looks like it could be any shirt with a random design on it.


Stay tuned for more tips on how to style “club” t-shirts!

Keep it classy,


Greetings, dear reader! As a result of various factors (including both my laziness and my creative restlessness), I am sharing not one but TWO “outfit of the day” styles with you. These are from the first week of school.


My awesome circle skirt and favorite t-shirt can be seen here

Quick tip: I wear loose-fitting t-shirts often. I got inspired by Molly Ringwald and rolled the sleeves up a little; I find it gives the shirt a cuter fit and takes barely any effort!


Comfy and still lookin gooooood!

A lot of people try their best to dress well during the first day(s) of school. But I try not to go over the top. It sets up unrealistic expectations for the rest of the year, and by January people are wondering what happened to the cute person they met on the first day. I try to go for a more accurate representation of my style as a whole. It also keeps me comfortable in otherwise unfamiliar, overwhelming situations.

Until next time,

Keep it classy


I bet you’re all thinking that I wore a lovely normal shirt to school today, right?




Check out the wings on this thing! It’s like a cape!!


I had a bit of fun with this photo shoot…

The top layer of the shirt is made of lace, and the attached tank top underneath is a fabulous matching shade of green.


Although jeans would seem to be the most obvious choice to wear with this shirt, I decided to go with shorts for a few reasons:

  1. The heat. It’s already mid-high 80s here.
  2. The unexpected contrast of the short bottoms with the long top make the shirt stand out more
  3. I felt like long pants would make the outfit a little overpowering or uncomfortable.

Oh yeah, and I added some detail to the top with this necklace so it wouldn’t be too much blank space.



Until next time, keep it classy