So, here’s the story:

I was going to share my Homecoming outfit with you guys, but when a week passed and I hadn’t done it, I decided it was old news and not worth posting. But something new has developed! Teen Vogue asked their readers to submit their Homecoming looks, so I did, and they featured me in an online article!  You can see the slideshow here:

I’m on slide 24, but I recommend looking at everyone’s dresses. Who doesn’t like looking at dresses?

As it says on my caption, the theme for my Homecoming this year was the Roaring Twenties so I looked for a Daisy Buchanan-esque dress. The one I got reminded me of the scene in the new movie when Daisy and Gatsby meet again for the first time (confusing, I know) at Nick’s house.

I would also like to note that I successfully executed a faux bob that didn’t budge at all the entire night. That was probably my biggest accomplishment. And I’d be happy to do a tutorial if anyone’s interested. 😉

It was my first (and only) Homecoming, and it was really magical (especially when they played Lana Del Rey, just saying).


Keep it classy



I just finished celebrating a magical occasion during which many fabulous items are exempt from sales tax in honor of the returning school year. Seeing as I pretty much shop for clothes year-round and I won’t have any school supply lists until school actually starts (plus the fact that I’m incredibly picky), I didn’t get too many items. But I wanted to share what I did get because who doesn’t love talking about shopping?

I purchased the following at Kohl’s:


I got the sweater because I love layering big sweaters over dresses and it’s really lightweight (it never gets cold where I live). And I’ve been in search of a cute water bottle that I can use every day and hopefully not lose. Plus the paisley matches my backpack.

I got mostly school supplies from Target:



A cute planner (which could benefit from some decoration, perhaps), some adorable composition notebooks (every thing is better in mini) and some concealer, which I’m trying for the first time, to cover up the dark circles that I KNOW will be growing under my eyes by the second week.

I got a tee shirt dress from Old Navy, which I intend on using for layering (the possibilities are endless and already coming to me…)



It looks like olive is going to be a big color for me this year.

And finally, I got some fake flowers from the dollar store to use in a DIY:



Stay tuned to see how I use them……

Are you excited for school? I am always SUPER excited and this year is no exception. It’s gonna be totally awesome.


Keep it classy,