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After a bit of an absence from blogging, I wrote a post yesterday about my prom dress and was so surprised this morning to see that someone nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award! This award is basically an opportunity for bloggers to let each other know that they are doing a good job sharing interesting/high quality stuff. So many thanks to acoriginals (whom you can find at for nominating me!

As recipient of this award, I have two tasks to complete- first, to nominate 15 other bloggers that I think deserve the award. So here they are:


My second job is to share 7 things about me, so here goes:

  1. Writing has been my favorite thing to do for as long as I can remember. I used to write stories when I was five or six, and I would type them, print them, and illustrate them. I kept them in a folder to get “published” at a later time…because I thought it was just that easy.
  2. By spending five seconds on my blog, you would be able to tell that I have a thing for unicorns. But did you also know that I have a thing for anything British?? Music, books, people… I’m pretty sure the only British thing I’m not into is Doctor Who (sorry, Whovian friends).
  3. I play guitar and ukulele because life is too boring without music.
  4. I’m learning how to speak German in school, and I’m going to Germany this summer…which I am SO excited about!!
  5. I want to be a journalist. Possibly work for a fashion magazine. I think this blog is a pretty good place to start.
  6. I’m super inspired by hippies… well my fashion sense is, anyway.
  7. I should be studying for my AP exams next week. So I’m gonna go do that now. Yeah…

Thanks again to acoriginals for the nomination!!

Keep it classy



Yes, it’s true! I went to prom! And it just so happened that prom fell on my birthday, so I basically had a huge celebration with a bunch of my friends (and with a bunch of people I’d never seen before in my life). And of course I had to share what I wore…

I didn’t want a dress that would blend in with everyone else’s empire-waisted, jewel toned gowns with cutouts or rhinestoned busts. And I refused to wear a strapless dress that I would have to keep pulling up all night. So I looked for my favorite elegant detail and got this fabulous lace dress:


I went for a boho, ethereal-ish look and I think my messy braid pretty much helped pull it off. And I kept it a little exciting with some bright teal shoes.

The dress is from Stalli, and the shoes are from Rue 21… when I saw them, I could not say no to getting them!! I was so comfortable the whole night. I was so happy with my dress choice, and I’m even more excited that I got a dress (and shoes) that I’ll be able to wear again.

Prom also got me thinking about how much I love high heels and how fabulous it would be to have them be a part of my daily wardrobe. I may start to transition low heels into my look. So keep an eye out for that…

And please, DON’T be like the girls dancing promiscuously at prom…



Yesterday I went to a local craft fair and got an awesome henna tattoo. I love henna because it’s all the fabulousness of a temporary tattoo, with the added fabulousness of being natural and earthy. Henna tattoos always help me get in touch with my inner hippie.

The freshly-applied paste, which included a dusting of glitter!

The freshly-applied paste, which included a dusting of glitter!


A day later, the paste dried off and the ink darkened

I really need to grow my own henna plant so I can have tattoos whenever I want.


Keep it classy