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I redid my nails today in celebration of summer. The design isn’t even that summery, but it is pretty colorful and cool. Here’s the finished product:



Isn’t it cool?? I’ve been wanting to try the cutout trend, but I wanted to do something cool for the colored part. I was inspired by something I saw online a while ago that I believe was modeled after acid wash. It looks like the color is being washed away by acid. Since it was a pretty complicated process, I thought I’d include a mini tutorial.

The first step is to paint a few coats of clear polish, but only if you plan on doing the cutouts.


Next paint at least three layers of nail polish. I did five: orange, green, red, yellow, and blue. Try to pick a good variety of warm and cool colors, and make sure they will stand out against each other. If you want to do cutouts, keep the shapes in mind. Notice that the edges aren’t exactly clean– the striping tape will cover that up.



Now add the striping tape to the edges…



And finally, the fun part. Dip a cotton swab in some nail polish remover and rub it on your nails to wear away the top layers of polish. You can go to different layers and of course make different shapes. This would be easier without cutouts, but I really like the final product. I also like that some spots kind of look like zombie gashes, but that’s just me.



It’s like a rainbow!


Until next time,




Hola, Tanneritos!

Today I bring you a double post. I want to show off my new haircut and a fabulous new pair of sunglasses.

When I asked the stylist to cut off all my blonde, I didn’t realize how much shorter that would make it. So I was slightly surprised to see how much got chopped off. But my hair felt instantly lighter, healthier, and not as hot- totally ready for summer.


(You can kind of see the feather extensions I added to my hair a few weeks ago!)


The new side bangs also look fabulous in a messy ponytail:



Now on to phase 2:

You might have noticed the round sunglasses I’ve sported in previous posts. I am sad to report that they are no longer with us 😦 One of the arms broke off and now my favorite pair of sunnies is out of commission. To replace them, I found these awesome sunglasses at a random gift shop!



They’re like my round ones, only better because they’re GREEN!

I like to look over the top of them reproachfully like Dumbledore.


The tint is so light I’m almost tempted to wear them indoors.



I basically belong at an outdoor musical festival.


Until next time,