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I made this necklace as part of a friend's birthday present (here's to hoping she doesn't read my blog between now and Friday...) The wire-wrapping part was inspired by a video by Mr. Kate (find her on YouTube). I was also inspired by the necklace from my "shortest post evar." The pendant was a dead coral-thing I found on the beach that I painted with acrylic paint, wrapped in some copper wire, and attached to some chain (leftover from my headband DIY project). What do you think of it? Keep it classy -Allie

Today’s trend comes to us from the 90s! I think another great fad that would–and should– make a stellar return is fake bright hair extensions. They would fit right in with other currently popular trends: unnaturally colored hair (pink, blue, purple, ya know) and hair extensions. What I think should come back is clip-in and tie-on neon (or pastel, or just bright, or any color) fake hair. It doesn’t even have to look real. I just love the look of color mixed in with natural hair. Clip-in synthetic hair is all the fun of dying your hair with none of the commitment. I can so vividly picture Hilary Duff in Cadet Kelly with a little pink elastic of fake hair tied around her pony tail, and I say why not? (no pun intended)

I’ve only seen one person rock these extensions the way I picture them and the way they should be worn (and you can check out her blog over at!) I personally have a green set from Hot Topic but they match my hair length so poorly I’ve always been too nervous to wear them. If I figure them out I’ll post a picture!

What do you think of bright extensions?


Keep it classy



Everyone loves carefree beachy hair. I have an effortless way for you to achieve perfect and authentic beach hair that’ll look like you just stepped out of the ocean.

Step 1: Go to a beach.

Step 2: Dunk your hair in the water so that it’s saturated all the way through.

Step 3: Sit on the beach and let the wind blow your hair dry.

It’s that easy!

Keep it classy


Like I said in my last post, today’s trend aligns perfectly with the pinup hair of the 40s. This time I’m calling for the swimsuits from the same era.

I’m really picky when it comes to swimwear, and personally, I can’t stand bikinis. Especially string bikinis… How can people wear them without worrying about things falling out?! Anyway, I think retro bikinis should make a comeback– they’re just so cute!!

My only concern would be the weird tan lines created by the high waist. But the only time I show off my stomach is in a bathing suit, so no worries!!

What do you think of this style of bathing suit?


Keep it classy


Today’s post comes to you from the fabulous ’40s and the era of the pin up girl, but I’m not encouraging you do run around half-dressed. Instead, I am calling for the return of pin up hair.

I wish people would put more effort into hair these days instead of that weird one-strand-twisted-back thing that does absolutely NOTHING besides make you look lazy. I’m not requesting that girls curl their hair every night and spend an hour strategically pinning sections in the morning. I’m just saying… a little effort now and again would be greatly appreciated (not just by me but by people all around).

Amy Heidemann from Karmin does a great job modernizing vintage hair with her staple suicide roll. But that’s just a start. We need to follow in her footsteps (while retaining our own identities, of course).

Isn’t Amy beautiful?

Conveniently, this leads directly to the next trend that needs to make a comeback. But you’ll have to wait a bit to see what it is!!

In the mean time…

Keep it classy


As many have noticed, fashion is a cycle. Trends disappear and reappear all the time, as is evident by this season’s neon (’80s) and boot-cut/flare jeans (’70s). But some things just seem to go away and never come back. Maybe that’s with good reason (*cough* parachute pants *cough*), but there are a few things that I think deserve to be relived.

The first trend in this series is hippie makeup. I know, I talk about hippies a lot. Possibly too much. But I can’t get over how much I love their style.  I love that they drew flowers and other designs on their faces. Regular makeup is nice and all, but it can get boring, especially if you’re like me and you don’t like to do super dramatic stuff.

I think I’m going to start adding little drawings around my eyes or upper cheeks. Maybe it’ll catch on, but probably not. But oh well! Style is a physical representation of your soul, right?

Look how beautiful she is!!!

What styles do you want to bring back? Let me know!

Keep it classy


The reason this DIY has a question mark at the end is because I’m not really sure if it counts as a DIY project. I didn’t make anything or do anything crazy. I would probably count this more as a customization project. Anyway, I recently got a new guitar, and today I got a new strap for it. It’s tie-dye and so beautiful, but I wanted to personalize it. Plus I was feeling creative and I wanted an outlet. Heh.

So this is the strap the way I got it:

Hey I made it an A! Get it? A for Allie! Okay never mind.

All I did was cut out a little unicorn from a template and sew it on the front.

Stabbing a unicorn! Aaaah!

And here’s the final product:

Like I said in my last post, style is so much more than just what you put on your body. It goes beyond clothing. It’s the closest thing to a face your personality will ever have. So the tie dye was wonderful, but the whole thing fits me so much more, which makes it perfectly my style. Plus it’s so exciting (to me at least) that no one else has the exact same guitar strap as me. AND I will always have a little friend with me whenever I’m playing, which is especially comforting during performances.

So if you have something (clothing or otherwise) that you like but don’t love, my advice to you: customize it!

Keep it classy


P.S. Here’s a link to the unicorn template I used!