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I was too lazy to think of a name for this outfit! Today I went to see Les Miserables and I seized the opportunity to rock this outfit I've been planning in my head since I got these shoes in the mail. I love the look of knee-high socks and I just recently realized how many pairs of them I own. You can be sure you'll be seeing more of them from me. I plan on making them a regular part of my wardrobe in the coming year. And of course I love my round sunglasses!! Keep it classy -Allie

I love owls. And puns.

Today I was getting dressed up and since I haven’t really styled anything in a while I decided to have fun and put some effort into my outfit and makeup. I also got to try out some pieces I found in my closet (one great thing about organizing is that you find old pieces– it’s like a free shopping spree :D).

I ended up wearing a dark floral skirt over black tights (inspired by Zooey Deschanel) and a black knit sweater. I was eager to put on the sweater and celebrate the fact that it’s actually cold today. That’s rare where I live.

Please excuse my awkward posing- I'm not used to modelling

Please excuse my awkward posing- I’m not used to modelling

Oh, and I almost forgot! I wanted a necklace to supplement the blank canvas that the sweater provided, so I wore a fabulous owl necklace that my mommy bought me.



I even spent a good amount of time on my makeup, and experimented with my bottom lash line, which I usually leave alone. I coated my bottom lashes in mascara and dotted the lashline with eyeliner– it’s less harsh than lining the entire thing, which is usually too intense for me, but still created a smouldery effect. I love how it turned out.

The picture does not do justice to the fabulous eyeliner job I did.

The picture does not do justice to the fabulous eyeliner job I did.

I even managed to wing my eyeliner, after months of failing to make the wings sharp and even.

So I would say today was a good day in terms of fashion! And I have a feeling tomorrow will be too.

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Keep it classy



I am very excited to bring to you all my very first sponsored post! I did a collaboration with the online store Yeswalker, sister site of Yesstyle. They sent me these fabulous mesh oxfords and I wanted to show you how I styled them.

Here they are straight out of the box


I tried them on without socks because the model online didn’t have any socks on…



I wore them with my favorite pink H&M dress and blue Old Navy cardigans (side note: I love cardigans). I might do a follow up with another outfit I had in mind to pair them with.


017 (2)


I was really happy when I opened the box. The shoes were exactly what I was expecting, and when I tried them on they fit true to size. Without socks, they poked me kind of uncomfortably, but with socks they were fine and after wearing them all day they were perfectly comfortable.

I knew these shoes would make me stand out, which they did. And I got a ton of compliments wearing them. Oxfords are cute, but these are even cuter because of the mesh. I especially love the extra height the platforms (which is awesome cork, by the way) give me.

I’m excited to wear them again. I expect I’ll be wearing them quite frequently.

What are you putting on your feet today?


Keep it classy



In case ¬†you couldn’t tell from the name of my blog, I have a thing for unicorns. I’m not sure what it is about them. I love that they’re whimsical and magical. I think my affinity for unicorns arose when I noticed the unfulfilled cliche of little girls loving unicorns and I thought that I should be the one to manifest that stereotype.

The other day I noticed that unicorns have become a theme in my wardrobe. I wanted to share with you all the pieces I have that are inspired by these magical creatures.

1. T-shirt



Okay, so maybe this isn’t an actual unicorn. But it’s reminiscent of them, I love quirky t-shirts, and it’s so random! It’s one of my favorite shirts.

2. Metal ring

011 015

Another fabulously whimsical piece. I love the design and the fact that it looks like the unicorn is standing/walking on my fingers. Plus the metallic feel is strong and bold, which I love.

3. Earrings


My friend found these at Claire’s when we were shopping together and I could NOT pass them up. I like to wear them so that it looks like they are flying outward from my head. Yeahhh.

4. Necklace


This was actually a gift from a friend. I like that it’s a little more dressy and elegant. Unicorns don’t have to be childish. They actually have a very sophisticated reputation in history.

5. Hat

021 022 028

This is probably one of the most awesome pieces of clothing I own. The only bad thing is that the weather where I live is rarely cold enough for me to rock it without looking like a weirdo. I actually wore it for Halloween in 2011 along with white pants and a white shirt. I was a fabulous unicorn.

Not that there are any UNfabulous unicorns.


Keep it classy



I wanted to show you how I did my hair today.


Not the most flattering pictures, but oh well, that’s what I look like!!


I don’t really know what the style is called, but it’s basically a French (or in my case, Dutch) braid all around the crown of my head. I like this style (and, similarly, milkmaid braids) because it’s unique, really easy, and can be elegant.

That’s pretty much it…. so yeah.

Keep it classy