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Today was the first Friday of the school year!! I forgot to post the first two days so I just decided to start on Friday. Today I'm wearing a pink waterfall skirt (doesn't that sound so much prettier than "mullet" skirt?) and some grey and taupe-ish Oxfords. I also have on a beautiful pearl collar/necklace which I love. What are you wearing today? Keep it classy -Allie

Today I wore this pink dress from H&M and some heels from Macy's. I love the pieces on their own, but especially so when I pair them together. This outfit is really comfortable and makes me feel totally confident, which is another reason I love it. That's all I've got to say about that, so... Keep it classy -Allie

I’ve been dabbling in thrifting a bit lately. I went last week and picked up some items, but of course, since they were thrifted they didn’t fit like they ideally would. So naturally I had to cut them up.

This first piece was a huge t-shirt that I just wanted to cut so it wouldn’t hang off of me like a giant bag. I LOVE the design. It’s probably the coolest t-shirt I’ve owned in a long while.

It’s a record player spewing an 8-bit-esque rainbow blob!

The next shirt I just got because I thought the print was pretty, but the construction made it seem kind of old-ladyish. So I turned it into a crop top. I don’t usually like wearing crop tops because I don’t like exposing my flesh and I think wearing a cami underneath defeats the purpose of cropping the top (see what I did there). BUT I love layering crop tops over dresses, either to hide the spaghetti straps (staying in dress code during the school year) or to take a dress from “piece” to “outfit.”


Speaking of layering over dresses, this will be part of my first day of school outfit… And maybe an OOTD?

The last piece I am going to share today is a skirt I cut into a mullet skirt. In case I haven’t already stated it, I LOVE MULLET SKIRTS. And dresses. I saw this skirt and immediately thought “cut into mullet skirt!” So I bought it. And that’s what I did.


I might round out the bottom corners. It seems a bit heavy in the back. Also, it’s made out of some sort of polyester material which is a weird contrast from the other mullet skirts I own. So I’ll have to get used to that.


The fact that these were thrifted already affirms some degree of uniqueness, but since I customized them, they are pretty much guaranteed to be one of a kind. And that’s part of what my style is about.


Keep it classy,



This nail art is inspired by lace. I used the end of a sewing pin as a dotting tool to draw the design in black polish. I think it's super pretty and quite elegant. You like? Keep it classy -Allie

Today I’m sharing some nail art. It’s pretty much self explanatory and nothing too exciting, but I love how it turned out so I wanted to share.


The idea for these came to me in the shower last night. I thought it was just a cliche that good ideas come in the shower, but I guess it’s true!


Keep it classy


Salutations. I apologize for neglecting my blogging as of late. I’m sure I must have disappointed all one of you who read me avidly. But I have returned for now. I assure you my posting will pick up as the school year begins.

Today I want to share some pictures of some henna tattoos I got last night. My best friend drew them on me with a kit I got her for her birthday.

I love henna. It’s like an accessory, but better. And it’s not as much of a commitment as real tattoos. Actually, I wouldn’t compare henna to real tattoos at all because they are so much more different than they are alike.


Both of us


Have you ever had henna? Do you like it? I love the fact that it is elegant and so unique.

Keep it classy